In the Grip of Prayer small group study guide

This study is perfect for any small group interested growing their prayer life.
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Engage 2014 Children's Workers Conference - November 7-8
I can speak at your church, special event, retreat, or small group! Here is a list of potential speaking topics: A Handy Guide to a Better Prayer Life – Adapted from my book In the Grip of Prayer, I guide the group through five important aspects of prayer, using our hand as an easy-to-remember guide to focusing our prayer lives on God, developing the proper balance in our prayer, and building an attitude of surrender to strengthen our prayer lives. Small Group Study Guide Launch – I can join your small group for Session 1 of the Small Group Study Guide for In the Grip of Prayer. This eight-session guide helps people build a stronger and more balanced prayer life together. Prayers of Surrender: The ABCs of Surrender – Since we gain the most strength in our prayer from a surrendered heart, I help people to discover three important components to surrender: an attitude of surrender, the battle for surrender, and a confession of surrender. We are at our strongest when we yield ourselves to God. Retreat Topic: Living a Life Totally Devoted to God – This four-part study focuses on lessons from Philippians as well as watching Daniel live his life devoted to God. I provide group breakout session, morning devotionals, and build towards a helpful process in guiding you to take the next step of dedicating your life to God.

I am conducting a workshop on “Teaching children to pray” on Saturday at this conference based on my book “In the Grip of Prayer.”

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This list is not complete, and I am willing to adapt to your group’s needs. If you are interested, contact me by e-mail at