Get a Grip on Your Prayer Life

In the Grip of Prayer is a very practical book that offers a memorable method to encourage a balanced prayer life.

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Demystify Prayer

Each chapter is readable and provides helpful verses with explanations.

Develop your prayer life

Learn how to build praise, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession into your prayer time

Develop an attitude of surrender

Learn the importance of an attitude of surrender during and after prayer

Use your hand as a reminder

Learn how to use your hand as a reminder to pray throughout the day.

What is your goal when you pray?

Have you grasped that the essence of prayer is entering into relationship with God? Or do you run through your days, throwing requests at God as needs arise?

  • Job 35%
  • Health 15%
  • Relationships 32%
  • Wealth 20%
  • Me 15%

“Here’s a “hand tool” anybody can learn to use to help them pray more effectively.”

Tim Shoemaker, speaker and author of Dangerous Devotions for Guys

In the Grip of Prayer offers readers a memorable way to balance worship, confession and other elements of personal prayer.”

Emily Parke Chase, author of Help! My Family’s Messed Up!

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